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About me


My name is Jamee Thompson, and I am a twice published family and lifestyle photographer. I started photography professionally in 2018 in a small town in Illinois called Macomb.

I was raised in North Mississippi and graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology. It's there that I met my husband, Robyn. We now live in Vinemont, AL with our pets Val, Xanadu, Jamie, Betty, and Piper.

Photography is my part-time job and I currently work full-time as a licensed veterinary nurse. I work primarily with small animals, but I enjoy working with horses and livestock, as well.

So, what is a "Lifestyle photographer?" Lifestyle means capturing the moments in the form of prompts instead of poses. Prompts make my sessions more fun and engaging instead of the traditional pose and smile. What's a prompt? An example would be "Look at each other and tell them the corniest joke you know". These types of prompts always bring out the most genuine smiles and laughter. I hope that we can talk soon and be able to capture some amazing moments together. 


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Serving Cullman and Huntsville, AL areas

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